Wyniki Rankingu Szkół Wyższych Perspektywy 2021

Po raz piąty z rzędu Politechnika Warszawska znalazła się w pierwszej trójce zestawienia Rankingu Uczelni Akademickich. W Rankingu Kierunków Studiów na podium znalazły się 22 kierunki PW, w tym Inżynieria Biomedyczna oraz Automatyka i Robotyka na miejscu pierwszym oraz Mechatronika na miejscu drugim.

Wyniki Rankingu Szkół Wyższych Perspektywy 2021
Magdalena Żychlińska

The tutor studies have encouraged me to undertake second degree studies at the Faculty of Mechatronics. What was so attractive in this form of studies? I learned that aside from a few compulsory courses, I will be able to individually select my plan of courses over the duration of three semesters. The option to cooperate with a tutor and receive his or her support seemed important, too. And not once was I let down in my expectations.

Out of all the courses available, I selected those most interesting to me, those that lead straight to my diploma paper. Starting from the first semester, as a part of the tutor workshop, meaning the individual meetings with the tutor, I engaged in those topics that were a preludium for my diploma thesis. I was interested in 3D scanning as it seemed both interesting and useful to me.



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The goal of this project is to devise a unique central database of biometric data, enabling automated, electronic analysis of this data and their complex combining.

As a result of limitations stemming from the coronavirus pandemic, the current academic year will differ from the preceding years.

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The Faculty of Mechatronics of Warsaw University of Technology offers a broad range of studies combining a number of different disciplines. Its studies include Mechatronics, Automatics, Robotics and Industrial IT, and Biomedical Engineering. The effect of this interdisciplinary approach, unique to our Faculty, is a flexible offer resulting from the fact that the students may select their specialization and selectible courses. The graduates of the Faculty of Mechatronics are prepared to work as a part of interdisciplinary teams engaged in designing, manufacturing, implementing and using mechatronic devices.